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Greeting From Dr. Matthews

The Family of Faith came into existence when God spoke to me and said: “I am raising up a family of people that will be filled with faith and reach the nations with my love.”  We have been living out that word of God these past years.  God spoke and said:  “You will be a light to the nations.”  That has been our prayer and passion to see the nations touched with the love of Jesus and that the” every Creature Vision” of Mark 16:15 be fulfilled to the glory of God!  Next God said: “You will orchestrate a worldwide penetration of the Gospel.”  We thank God for the privilege to work with Him to see these things manifested throughout the earth.

God said that He would put me with people who are hungry for Him and that together we could take the journey to fulfill His word to His church.  The nations belong to Jesus!  If you are hungry for more of God and want to be involved with a ministry that is touching the world, make your way through this website and discover who we are as a local church, Christian school, Bible college, and international apostolic network touching over 70 nations.

I am very excited to be working in God’s field – the world.  Come join us as we seek to be faithful to Jesus and touch every nation with the love and power of JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF THE LIVING GOD!

Orchestrating a Worldwide Penetration of the Gospel