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Dr. Sam Matthews

Senior Pastor

Dr. Sam Matthews is the founder and senior elder of the Family of Faith Church in Shawnee, Oklahoma. This church was established in 1983 with the instruction of the Holy Spirit to raise up a church according to the pattern of the New Testament government with functioning elders and the five-fold ministry gifts of the apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, and teacher. Dr. Matthews serves International Christian Leadership Connections (ICLC) as a member of the Apostolic Company and is the founder and president of Family of Faith College. He is greatly used by God in intercession, spiritual warfare, and the raising up and functioning of five-fold apostolic teams. Dr. Matthews travels extensively, ministering with international teams in more than 4,000 churches located in more than 70 nations.

Daniel Matthews

Associate Pastor

Daniel is the son of Senior Pastor Sam Matthews but has a flavor all of his own.  He holds a Bachelors Degree in Church Ministry from Family of Faith College where he graduated from in 2003.  For seven years he and his wife Yasha have served as the Worship Pastors at Family of Faith, but beginning in 2007 Daniel began feeling the call to the pulpit just as his father did.  Humor, sports, and his four kids always somehow get worked into his messages.  As Sam travels more extensively these days, Daniel finds himself most Sunday mornings building up and equipping the church body.  With a passion to see Family of Faith widen her branches and deepen her roots, Daniel looks forward to serving his church and community in any way he can.

Michael Gilliam

Youth Pastor/ Church Media

Michael has attended Family of Faith for twenty years.  After graduating from the high school in 2007 he went on to get his Bachelors degree in Church Ministry in 2011.  His life demonstrates dedication, consistency, and creativity. He is currently serving as the Media Director, working to keep the church informed and encouraged with assets such as website and graphic designs for activities and updates. He also serves as the Youth Pastor alongside his wife, Dara, and a dedicated team of adults; teaching and guiding this generation to pursue a deeper walk with God and a life lived for Him.

Dax Nightingale

Young Adults Pastor

Toward the end of his college years, Dax Nightingale went from being a radical atheist to a man with a burning passion for Jesus Christ. This passion drives him in everything that he does today. After getting his degree in kinesiology at the University of Southern Indiana, Dax served as the Youth Pastor at Destiny Family Church in Wagoner, Oklahoma for seven years before moving to Shawnee. He has been a member of Family of Faith for five years and teaches high school Science and Math at Family of Faith Christian School. Dax has an amazing ability to lead people in spiritual disciplines, practical disciplines, and in enjoying their everyday walk with Christ; and that is what makes him and his wife, Yanori, the ideal Young Adult Pastors.

Kristene Willis

Food Pantry Director

Kristene has been a faithful and serving member of Family of Faith for over 5 years now.  If one thing could be said about Kristene it is that she loves people.  She joined with Daniel Matthews and Brenda Coffman in 2013 to help further develop what is now Yahweh’s Storehouse.  It monthly serves around eighty families and continues to grow.  When she’s not serving the community, she’s spending time with her friends and husband, Matt.

Ramona Janeway

Church Secretary

Ramona has been a part of Family of Faith since 1984. She and her husband, Bob, were born again through the ministry of Sam and Kathy Matthews in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Ramona identifies her ministry as a COG.  Her family’s dedication and faithfulness has helped grow Family of Faith into what it is today.

Elders (and wives)

Dr. Gary Alverson

Jim and Oneta Capps

Ron and Julie Columbus

Dave and Lucie Helseth

Ramona Janeway

Dan and Anne Sadberry

Sue Steele

Jim and Sherri Willis