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Christian School (Grades K4-12)

About Us

Family of Faith Christian School is a member of the Oral Roberts University Educational Fellowship.We are accredited with the International Christian Accrediting Association which is recognized by the Oklahoma Private School Accreditation Commission which grants us state accreditation by the Oklahoma State Board of Education.

The Family of Faith Christian School was birthed by the Spirit of God and founded in 1985 to provide a place of training and preparation for the equipping of young people to take the ministry of Jesus to the ends of the earth as “A Light to the Nations.” They may go as preachers, missionaries, teachers, businessmen, or in numerous other professions, but they will have the vision and commitment for the world.

We believe that each generation of young people can raise the standard higher. We thank God for what every generation has done, but we will continue to challenge the generation to accomplish more for the Lord. This will take spiritual and academic excellence. We are committed to both.

We feel responsible under God to see this purpose fulfilled. We are looking for parents and students who are committed to the vision and commandment of Jesus to see that every creature has an experience with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The very atmosphere of the Family of Faith Christian School is one of vision and strong discipline. The Bible serves as the foundation of all learning and activity.  If you have any questions or this interests you, contact us today!

Fees and Tuition

A financial commitment is required of all parents. It does cost approximately $200.00 per month per child to provide the best curriculum and qualified teachers. God instructed us to offer the ministry of the school without charge. He said that the people being blessed by it would freely give to meet its needs. We believe and expect God to move through parents to provide the finances. We believe as a parent you will be responsible before God to provide financially for your child. All financial commitments must be approved by the administrator.

Our fees are currently being reevaluated and this information will be available soon! You can check back later or contact our office for more details.


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