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Yahweh’s Storehouse

Yahweh’s Storehouse exists to see people experience the love of God by experiencing the love and care of His people.  Started in 2010, the storehouse provides food to families that have need.  The Storehouse also provides personal prayer and care for families, help with forms and access to assistance programs, and follow up care for those who may need a little extra help.  Never are we more like Jesus than when we are loving people, because Jesus loved people.  The Storehouse gives us an incredible opportunity to let people experience the love of Jesus through us.

Currently, the Storehouse is serving over 70 families per month through on-site food distribution, as well as, home delivery to seniors and the disabled who would not be able to get out otherwise.  At the Storehouse, we care for the whole person.  Making sure that each person is cared for spirit, soul, and body.

Food distribution night is the 3rd Monday night of each month from 6-8pm.  Distribution happens from our fellowship hall, and entrance is through the south doors.

Get Involved

Through our partnership with the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma, we are able to bless those we serve with incredible amounts of food and other goods.

You can help us.  Your monthly gift of $20 will deliver over 400 lbs of food to families in our community who can use it.  You can pledge either at church on Sunday, or you can [@encode@ email=”” display=”email us here”]  to let us know how you would like to help.

We have the most incredible team of volunteers! If you love people and love work, you are a perfect candidate! To join the team find Brenda Coffman, Daniel Matthews, or [@encode@ email=”” display=”send us an email”] .