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For the last four years, we have had the privilege of serving families in our community that have been in need of food.  We have seen this ministry grow from 38 families our first month to now regularly serving over 125 families in the Shawnee and Meeker area every month.  This Christmas season, we are taking on our most ambitious project for the fourth time – The GiveJoy Project!

GIVE JOY is a special project to help supply Christmas gifts for all the families we serve. Families will come and be able to select Christmas gifts for their family and get a Christmas dinner to prepare, along with their regular food distribution.  You can help! We are in need of a tremendous amount of donations so that families can select gifts.  We have been so blessed; this is our chance to GIVE JOY to others this Christmas season.  We invite you to go through your closets, toy boxes, cabinets, and find things that would bless others.  We will be at the church every day through December 13th to accept your donations.  We ask you when donating to go by a simple mantra- only give it, if you would want to receive it!  This will help us insure that our selection of items is of high quality. 


The GIVE JOY distribution will be Saturday, December 13th, from 12-5pm.



Items of all kinds are still needed.

TOYS | We need many toys for kids of all ages.  We want there to be a big selection for families to be able to choose from.  We will have approximately 200-300 kids that will need toys this Christmas.  We need things all the way from baby toys to gaming systems and games.  Any nice condition toy is great! 

CLOTHES | We need clothes from children sizes all the way to adult.  We ask that clothes be stain free and washed when you bring them.  If you have extra hangars and can place them on hangars that would be great and would save us a tremendous amount of work and money buying hangars. 

HOUSEHOLD or GIFT ITEMS | Any items that you would consider buying for a friend/relative/co-worker as a gift, we will need it. 


If you have any questions about GIVE JOY, you can call the church office at 273-5331 or email , or simply visit

What better thing can you do this holiday season than GIVE JOY to a family in our community?  GIVE JOY NOW!