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Daniel is indeed one of the great servants of our God!  His life was exemplary of love, commitment, and discipline before His God.  His love for God was measured out in a life of prayer and fasting, which allowed him to live a life of intimacy/communication with the Holy God!  He received visitations, visions, deliverances, and revelations of God’s great Kingdom victories!  
That same intimacy, power, and revelation, is what God is wanting for each of us!  Ministries around the world are entering into 21 days of prayer and fasting.  God is challenging us to enter into the “Daniel Fast” (Daniel chapters 1 and 10) and join with millions reaching up to touch “The Throne of God.” 
We will start on Monday, January 9 and end on Sunday, January 29.  A very thorough explanation of the spiritual and physical benefits of fasting can be found here:  
This website includes (1) Foods to eat (2) Foods to avoid (3) The importance of water.  
I will be sending out what the Holy Spirit is wanting us to pray and believe together as we walk through this fast!  On these first two days we are to read, pray, declare, and receive the powerful truths of the prayer of our Lord Jesus Christ as He spoke to The Father the High Priestly prayer of John 17:1-26.
HE IS INTERCEDING WITH THESE VERY WORDS…EVEN AS WE READ THESE WORDS!   It is my prayer that you not only read these words, but that you hear the voice of Jesus speak them into your spirit, soul, and body!
You will be further changed into the image of the Christ!
Sam and Kathy