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John B. Crist will be performing at Family of Faith
August 10, 7 PM!

Mark your calendars and get your tickets now. You won’t want to miss this and with tickets at just $5, you’ll want to reserve some for family and friends as well!

Kids 6 and under are free and childcare will be available.


Check out his site for more information and lots more videos.

A Little Background…

Although primarily working the clubs, Crist’s youthful humor and unquestionable likeability result in a witty combination making him a crowd favorite in clubs, churches, cruise ships, colleges and corporate events. He’s become a well sought after performer for many Fortune 500 company events, including Microsoft, GE, Lexus, and HP Computers. He’s also performed at public universities like Arizona State, Christian schools like Grand Canyon University and even Dartmouth, one of the top Ivy league schools in the nation. Crist has recently teamed up with internet sensation Tim Hawkins for over 25 church tour dates a year. “Those church shows are insane,” Crist says. “If I had a night off and could go watch any comedian in the country, I’d go see Tim Hawkins. That guy crushes.”

Crist’s stand-up routine is always evolving and his crowd work and improvisational skills guarantee that no two shows are exactly alike. His edgy yet clean comedy has made him popular among fans of all ages. Crist currently lives in Denver.

Lots more at his site–go check it out.