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If you’ve seen any of his previous films like Finger of God or Furious Love, you will not want to miss Darren Wilson’s new documentary, Holy Ghost. 

Good news is, Family of Faith has signed up to be part of the premiere tour for the film, and we’ll be showing it at the end of September. Here are the details:

Sunday night, September 28th
6:30 PM

We feel like this will be a great opportunity to invite people of all kinds to see what the love and power of God can do in people’s lives today. For this reason, we ask that you go out and invite friends and family or anyone else to be a part of this. Pray with us that this will be a life-changing night!

Bring the unsaved and/or the unchurched. Tell friends in other churches so they can be a part of the experience with us. Everyone is welcome and we need to work together to get the word out. Let’s believe God for salvation, healing, and the manifestation of His Holy Spirit!

For more information on the film or Wanderlust Productions, you can visit their website.

Don’t forget to invite others! God may bring someone to mind–don’t put it off or think they wouldn’t be interested. Just invite them and let the Holy Spirit work.

Here’s the trailer: