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Sunday Night Dive Slide-01
As promised we are embarking on a year-long journey on Sunday nights. We will dive into culture, vision, and our identity in Christ all the while building community and activating what the Holy Spirit has placed inside us.

This Thursday night, to take these positive steps, we want to have a get together for anyone who is interested in being a small group leader. It won’t be too long, probably 30 minutes to an hour, but we’ll cover some practical and spiritual things to remember as you’re facilitating your group in our Dive sessions.

So here it is:

Thursday night, 7:30 PM
Meet in the Sanctuary

Even if you’re not sure, you can come and find out more about it and what it will entail to be a leader. We are so excited to see passionate and ready people loosed into this ministry and others!

Let’s be praying and expecting! Thanks so much.