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Put it on your calendar and invite friends and family to be a part of this special event. We believe this will be a tremendous and powerful time of God’s outpouring as Bob Sorge ministers at Family of Faith for two services.

Saturday evening, September 20th at 7PM

Sunday morning, September 21st at 10:30 AM

You don’t want to miss what God will say and do through our brother. Let’s get out and invite as many as possible to experience this unique anointing and grace.

Message from Pastor Sam:

This is a special invitation for you. Bob Sorge will be ministering next weekend, and each person attending will be touched by God in a very special way! Why? Bob has a very special anointing from heaven that releases a new level of revelation and hunger for God and His truth!

When Bob speaks, God’s presence witnesses that He is alive! It is like the Holy Spirit is breathing truth and presence of The Christ!

More about Bob Sorge:

Bob Sorge is an author and itinerant speaker. In 1992, he suffered a vocal injury that caused his voice to be reduced to nothing more than a faint whisper.  As a result of the injury, he is only able to whisper for an hour each day before the pain forces him to be silent.  Before the injury occurred, Bob was a senior pastor and worship leader.  As a result of the vocal pain and weakness, he was forced to resign after serving his church for 13 years.  Since that time, God has led him on an unexpected journey as a minister in the body of Christ.  Through his personal suffering and the desperation of his own pursuit of Jesus, God has given him a message that empowers believers to find God’s redemptive purposes in the greatest trials of life.

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