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Quick reminder that this Wednesday night will be a dinner at Jason and Andrea’s house (104537 S 3470 Rd., Meeker, OK). If you need directions, just let me know!

So far, Andrea and I have some hot dogs and bratwurst as well as some okra. You can help build the meal from there. 🙂

You can bring chips, salad, other vegetables or sides, more hot dogs or meats (we couldn’t feed everyone with what we have), drinks, desserts, or your grandma’s favorite hummus recipe. Just bring something to share and we’ll have a great time together.

Don’t forget: Wednesday night at 6:30 PM

If you have any questions, let me know. Hope you can make it. Your family is, of course, welcome to come. There’s plenty of room for the kids to run and play. It’ll be fun.

If you want to leave a comment on this post with what you’ll bring so others can see, that would be helpful. Otherwise, see you soon!